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On the 9th of April, 2017, I ran my maiden marathon. It was in Rotterdam. The whole experience was incredible. I had done half marathons in the past half dozen times but full marathon was totally different. It really pushes you to the limit. I’ve managed to make the distance, and I have to say the encouragement I got from the crowd was unbelievable. They were absolutely fantastic. 

Now back to the photography, I did take some street photos in Rotterdam over the weekend. Especially Saturday was very sunny day, and I was able to find some strong contrasts of light and shadows with the brutalist architectures that you find many in this city. It’s quite different to Amsterdam. 

I also visited Delfshaven (a borough of Rotterdam) to take some long exposure photos during the blue hour. 

I visited the Netherlands Photo Museum. There was great collection of Henri Cartier-Bresson on display. I spent good time looking at prints of his works - some well know, some I hand’t seen before. 

As for the marathon, I’m tempted to do it again next year in Rotterdam… for now :-) 

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